Updated: Feb 20, 2018

preserving the history of our town is important to the future of our residents.

Why is the history of our town important to preserve? That is the question I asked myself before joining the Friends of Bridgewater History. As I fall deeper into the rabbit hole of our town's past, it makes the question more important than ever. I am learning that this history is in jeopardy of being lost.

“I grew up in Bridgewater all my life. I, along with my family actively involve ourselves in the community. But to be honest, I never really knew much about our home's past”

Did you know our town was one of the original townships of New Jersey, and was established by royal charter in 1749. That's less than 100 years after the pilgrims landed on Plymouth Rock!

Historical landmarks

What survives in Bridgewater that dates back to the beginning of our town's story? We have the Middlebrook encampment, where the first national flag of the United States was flown (yes "THE" Betsy Ross Flag). A 13 star flag is flown there 24 hours a day, and I believe its the only place this flag can be officially flown.

We also have in our town, beautifully preserved, the Van Horne House, and the Van Veghten house from that time period. We have another property that you may not know to much about, called the Lane Brokaw House. This house is in need of much tender loving care, and its future is a priority to the Friends of Bridgewater History.

In Bridgewater, there are other properties or sections of town that merit recognition, preservation, and promotion. This is the mission of the FOBH. Their aim is to do what they can so that history is not forgotten, but rather celebrated and experienced.

So if you find where you live has an interesting story to tell, join us,The Friends of Bridgewaer History, to help tell it. New members are always welcome.

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